Completed Projects

Thank you again to those who helped us complete these projects. As projects are moved onto this page, our hope is that we find meaningful new sustainable projects to work on completing.
Water tank and pump - Frankadua Medical Clinic

Ubuntu's first completed project in Ghana was to purchase a water tank and pump for the medical clinic in Frankadua.

This is a very happy Madam Christine, head nurse at the Frankadua Medical Clinic, washing her hands. Can't beat that smile!

Maternity Unit - Frankadua Medical Clinic

If you have not read Madam Christine's story in 'Our Village', please do. Madam Christine is an inspiration. Her commitment to the health and well being of her community is incredibly beautiful.

She has a dream of completing a full functioning clinic in Frankadua, where she is a practising nurse and midwife. She is the head nurse in this clinic, and has been for 14 years. Part of her dream for the clinic was a maternity and postpartum wing. Four rooms; labouring room, postpartum room, antenatal room and a bathroom. With the financial help from Polytubes Inc., and local builders and workers, the Maternity rooms are completed at the Frankadua Medical Clinic. The best part...shower, sink and toilet with running water!! AND...the labouring room has an air conditioner to help battle the heat for the labouring moms, such a luxury here.

Below are pictures of the new labouring room, postpartum room, antenatal room and bathroom. 

Far left is the old labour, delivery and postpartum room. A woman could be labouring, while another is recovering with her newborn in the same room. Left is the old antenatal and assessment and teaching room.

We were able to deliver three babies in the new labour room built by Ubuntu Hope.
Frankadua Water Project - 1

The small community of Frankadua in Ghana, did not have a working source of obtaining clean water. The hand pump was not working, so this community relied on rain water as their main water source. Picture on the far left shows the broken hand pump, and pictures center and right, show the new poly tank with functional water pump. 

With the help of Polytubes Inc., we made the well deeper, installed a pump and purchased a poly tank so that there would be safe collection and storage of the water.

Frankadua Water Project - 2

This community in Frankadua, was using the only water source available (shown in this video) other than rainwater collection. The water source was used for bathing, drinking, food preparation, and animals had access to it as well. You can see from the video how dirty this water is. 

We were able to provide this community with a clean water source.