Our Stories

Something that you may not know about Leisha and I is that we love babies and children! I am a Maternity Nurse and Leisha is a Pediatric Nurse, so our love of babies and children goes way back. On all my trips, where ever I may end up, I seem to have many different children in my arms. I think this may be a running joke now between Leisha and I. I will share some of the many pictures I have of myself holding children, but first I have a story...

This is my beautiful, 3 year old Ruth. Ruth came to live at Agape Hope Children's Centre when she was only 6 months old. I was drawn to Ruth during my first visit to Agape (2019). She came over to me and put her hands in the air. I picked her up and she was asleep in my arms almost instantly. This is the picture you are seeing here. I carried her around for about an hour and a half while she was napping. This was our morning routine for the rest of my time at Agape. Ruth had her naps on me. She was content and needed that connection that I was so happy I could give her. She is in my heart and I think about her daily. I watch her grow through the pictures I am sent from Oliver and Maggie.