Food Projects

Nutrition is a basic human right. Lack of nutritious food prevents children from thriving in school and adults are unable to perform in their daily activities. Consumption of nutritious food is an important factor into helping individuals out of poverty.


'The Why'

Tonya and Jaxson were volonteering in Kenya. They had bought bananas for each of the children one day to have with their lunch. With good intention they began to give out the bananas one at a time. Before they knew it, a stampede of children were upon them. Knocking over babies and small children to get at the bananas.

We did safely get all the bananas given out, but this made us pause. We discovered that the children never went hungry, but the expense of fruit and vegetables was too much for the orphanage. We continued to be haunted by this in the weeks and months to come. These children were lacking in basic nutrition. The Food program was born from this experience. A sustainable, consistent supply of nutrition was our mission.

'The Project'

The fruit and vegetable program started at the Agape Hope Children's Centre, in Nairobi, Kenya, in February of 2020. The 142 resident children who live at the orphanage now receive fruit and vegetables twice a week. This supplements their diet of bread and tea for breakfast and red beans and chickpeas for lunch and dinner. The supplementation of fruit and vegetables is essential to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


The Anum Prestech Trades School in North Frankadua, Ghana is home to over 550 children.

Coming Soon...we are working hard organizing the start of this project!