Healthcare and Nursing

From setting up mobile medical clinics in the Dominican Republic, building a Maternity unit, malaria testing, community outreach, and providing health insurance in Ghana, to wellness checks at the orphanage in Kenya, we strive to help communities with limited access to health care.

I cannot do all the good the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.

-Jana Sanfield

Dominican Republic

Roving medical clinics served the mountains of the Dominican Republic and the community of Munoz, Puerto Plata.


Community help at the volunteer house in Frankadua, malaria testing at schools in and around Frankadua.

Providing needed medical care by purchasing health insurance and delivering babies in the new Maternity room Ubuntu Hope built.

Health Insurance for one child for one year costs 1.00 Canadian. Most children in Ghana do not have health insurance which is just one of the many burdens of accessing medical care. The child in the bed on the right, was suffering from malaria. He is 7 years old with no health insurance. He was lethargic, had a high fever, abnormal blood work, was vomiting and unable to walk. He would have been sent home with oral malaria medication, as with no health insurance this is all that is given. This child may have died. We paid for medication to reduce his fever, blood work, an injection as well as oral malaria medication and an IV with needed fluids and vitamins all for 7.14 Canadian. He spent 4 hours at the clinic and was able to walk out with minimal assistance.

Ubuntu Hope had some wonderful designer sewers (Kori Tait (and family), Hilary Otway and the Girl Guides of Canada who worked very hard making cloth peri pads for our Maternity postpartum moms to use before, during and after they have their babies. As you can see in the video, Madam Christine, the staff, and our moms were very happy. Thank you!


Wellness checks at the Agape orphanage.