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Teaming up with local workers and engineers domestically and internationally to provide sustainable water access to communities.

Many communities rely on rain water collection as their main source of water. This lack of clean water impacts all aspects of life. Clean water directly impacts the quality of life, and helps build stronger communities.

New Water Project - Central Frankadua

The stream that is shown in this video is used by animals and people. This is the only water source in this village. We are currently raising funds to provide potable water for this community. 

Water Project - Completed (2023)

This village in central Frankadua has no water source. Rain collection tubs as shown in this picture are used to collect rainwater. This is the only source of water and it is used for food preparation/cooking, drinking and bathing. In the dry season, water needs to be purchased at a cost of 2 Ghanian Cedi per 2 gallons. This is extremely costly as the hourly wage for someone who is employed is around 14 Cedi per hour (1.68 Canadian dollars). Many of these individuals in this villages are unable to work, or cannot find work. 

This year we were able to complete the water project. This community now has a safe water source. The water pump is patrolled to ensure that it is not damaged. The pump is turned on for a few hours in the morning at in the evening.

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