Recycled Cell Phone Project - Update 

We collect donated cell phones/ipads/tablets/computers and sell them in country to buy fabric to produce uniforms for schools on the outskirts of Frankadua. These schools are the most disadvantage in the area. Many of the children attending these schools are missing clothes, the clothing they have are ripped, falling apart or too small, or they wear another uniform from a different school.  

If you have an old cell phone/ipad/tablet/or computer we would love to have them. Please remove all passwords from these devices before donating.

Email us at and we can arrange drop off or pick up. 

 Update - new uniforms 

Your donation of used cell phones and tablets were successfully turned into new uniforms for some students in Frankadua, Ghana. 

Thank you to all those who donated. This is an easy way to give back and help these children.