Ubuntu Hope Sponsorship Project
Child sponsorships to attend school in Frankadua, Ghana are ongoing.
Many children are not able to attend school due to lack of funds. We are sending as many children we can to school. In addition to school fees, your donation will provide a child with lunch at school daily. For most children this is the only meal these children eat each day.
Here are five of our children needing support. We have so many more and we hope to be able to send them all to school. Please check back as we add more of our children onto this page.
If you would like to sponsor a certain child, please indicate so in the comments section when you go to the donate page at check out. 

Christabel Makpoe, 6 years old

Destine Mawuenyegah, 10 years old

Grace Azumah, 9 years old

Lydia Eto, 13 years old

Christabel Mallituo, 7 years old

If you have any questions about our sponsorship project, please email ubuntu@ubuntuhopecharity.org